Le VW Freaks

Le VW Freaks is a group of four guys – Sten, Magnus, Jaak and Karl. We are all into technics and cars and we are especially fond in VW models.

What do we do?

We help you in Estonia (and of course willing to share knowledge and experiences worldwide) with your car diagnostics and projects. Additional features (as we say projects) are always OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This means that everything will always work like it should be and parts will be compatible with your car.

Contact Le VW Freaks

You can find us from Facebook or send us an email via contact form or directly to our email address info@levwfreaks.eu. We have a YouTube channel as well, so keep an eye on there as well.

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It was a busy day!
We updated older Audi MMI 2G, also a newer Touareg RNS850, which is rebranded Audi MMI 3G+.

Maps are always newest available maps, in this case 2017. As a rule, we update also firmware, which add's stability and in some cases also funcionality.
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Audi Q3 2014 cruise control retrofit
A car with otherwize pretty good extra equipment, was missing cruise control. After the retrofit, the owner of the car can feel little bit more relaxed on longer distances.
Do You feel like your car is missing some equipment? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will find a solution together.
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Updating Audi A6 2010 (C6/ 4F) MMI 3G HIGH (software and navigation database) to 2017 version.

Update is carried out with multiple SD cards and takes a lot of time. It's not "plug and play" as diagnostics software is needed troughout this process.
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