About us

We are four guys with “VW disease”. We try to translate our own car experiences into English as well, but meanwhile you can read it in Estonian.

Sten “aus”12952902_10204295518506567_884132846_o

My motion is 4motion

I believe in 4motion and I believe in electronics. I drive a VW Passat B7 (MY2014) with almost full options.

Jaak “worldonfire”

Half-ok is not a solution

I started with Golf 2, then move on to Golf 3, Bora. Then I had two Passat B6 and Passat B4 and I ended up (for now) with Passat B7.


Magnus “R36”

Go with the flow

I’ve been described as: “Well-known “VW Father. If someone knows something, then it’s him.”

I don’t give myself such credit though. I do like anything OBD and Can-BUS wise….

Karl-Martin “Mindfreak”

There is no such thing as “too much electronics in my car”

I started with VW Passat B5 and I realized that I want to bring as much as OEM as possible to other cars as well. I’ve tried, I’ve failed, I’ve succeeded.